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This library is intended to be as lightweight as possible while providing a consistent API for ADO.NET connectors. We call it the forgotten methods in the ADO.NET API. If you want something more than this take a look at Hibernate. This code was created for Windward Reports (great reporting software product) and so is fully tested.

What this adds is the following:
  • Enumerate databases on a server.
  • Enumerate tables, views, stored procedures, and columns in a database.
  • Have a standard way to place parameters in a sql command.
  • Return the primary key on an insert for auto-generated primary keys.
  • Have a standard syntax to select the “top N” rows.
  • A timestamp construct to match the TIMESTAMP in Sql Server and adding a GetTimestamp() method to handle it.
  • Create connection strings from a server, database, username, and password.
  • Run a DDL script on the database.
  • Launch the program used to administer the database.
  • A DataReader wrapper to work around bugs in the DB2 DataReader.

This also includes several classes other than ADO.NET extensions:
  • A LinkTree where each node can have multiple distinct links in it.
  • Xml utilities to open files from most anywhere including inside a zip file.
  • The forgotten methods for Path and File.
  • And more...

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